I know about Branding but What is a Brand Plan?

Branding seems to be the buzzword of the decade; everyone and their cats and their cats’ girlfriends throws the word around when it comes to businesses and personal profiles. Never before have you had the chance to build a brand like you can today, then leverage it to expand your business, increase your sales, and enhance your credibility and your bottom line.

For today’s internet and social media driven world, a business misses the mark without a sophisticated “brand plan” that specifically conveys what it represents, the value it brings to its customers and strategies about how to keep a conversation going, otherwise known as engagement, with thousands of strangers online.

What Goes Into A Brand Plan?

Specifically, a well-written brand plan focuses an organization’s brain-trust, resources and tactics in the direction they need to go in order for a brand to achieve its goals. The brand plan acts as an umbrella under which functions such as marketing, sales and product development are united, detailing what each group needs to do for the brand to be successful, while setting objectives that operations and finance need to support.

A successful brand plan starts with a vision — ideas about what the brand should represent or symbolize. The plan should also include a mission — a specific plan-of-attack that helps launch the brand.

Branding is about emotions and how your customers and clients feel about you and your products

A positive brand that ignites enthusiasm and drives millions in profits isn’t something you leave to chance or expect to create without much consideration and planning.

Why leave it to chance? The more time, effort and resources you spend on your brand plan, the more likely you are to create a sustainable positive brand that resonates with your customer base, grows your influence and impacts your bottom line.

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